How can I get my child dedicated at Grace?

We’re glad you’re interested in dedicating your child before the Grace community! It’s important to understand what’s taking place in a public dedication of a child. Here’s the process:

At Grace, we believe that children are a gift from God (Psalm 127:3). Because of that, we recognize that children belong to God and that parents have a role in guiding a child into the path of wisdom. Wisdom involves living life skillfully (see Proverbs).

At Grace, we also recognize our limitations as parents. We cannot make our children live wisely, nor can we make our children love and follow Jesus. That can only happen as a child opens his or her life to Jesus to receive his life by trusting him and following him. As parents we can model the difference that makes in the way we relate to our children in the home as well as in all other relationships and spheres of life. In other words, our lives as parents can be a compelling advertisement to the difference Jesus makes in a life! As our children see that, the Spirit of God can use that to draw them to Jesus so that they desire to share in the life Jesus offers.

With this in mind, dedicating a child does not give them the life of Jesus nor does it cause them to be different following the dedication.  Then what is the point of a child dedication at Grace?

A child dedication is a public act on the part of the parents/a parent in which they are recognizing that their child is a gift of God and they are dedicating the child to God as a step of faith that God will draw the child to himself, pour out the life of Jesus into the child and enable the child to live as a disciple of Jesus.

By dedicating the child in front of the Grace community, parents are recognizing the positive role that others (friends, other parents, single people, and youth mentors) can play in shaping the life and trajectory of their child. The public dedication is an invitation to the Grace community to be involved in their child’s life as the parents commit themselves to be actively and faithfully engaged in the Grace community.

Currently, we ask that those desiring to dedicate their children be members. We see this as important because our desire is to be a community of people who covenant together; and when children are dedicated within that covenant partnership, there is a commitment the church community is making to help support your family in bringing up your child in the life of faith.

Is this you? Are you ready to begin the process of dedicating your child(ren)? Then your next step is to click below:

Once you complete the online request, you will be contacted to confirm the date and the remaining details for your dedication in one of our worship services.