table talks

Table Talks are real conversations about contemporary human issues that affect our everyday lives. The point is to reimagine these issues theologically, through the lens of the gospel. Expect a blend of short readings, good community, and thoughtful conversation over drinks and dessert. 

For Educators

These quarterly Table Talks are for those who work in primary and secondary education, whether as teachers or administrators. How does Christian faith illuminate, reframe, and enrich the calling to work in education? TABLE TALKS for Educators meets quarterly through the academic year.

Hosted by Wil Rogan and Jeff Giles.

quarterly | 7:30pm | Email Jeff Giles to RSVP.

past Table Talks

For those of you wondering "Have we ever talked about...?"

  • Women, Authority, and the Image of God

  • Race, Repentance, and Reconciliation

  • Apathy, Suffering, and the Faithfulness of God

  • Memory, Identity, and Dementia

  • Church, the Forgiveness of Sins, and Prayer

  • Time, Sex, and Death

  • Fear, Truth, and Sabbath

  • Loneliness, Longing, and Friendship