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These quarterly Table Talks are for those who work in primary and secondary education, whether as teachers or administrators. How does Christian faith illuminate, reframe, and enrich the calling to work in education? TABLE TALKS for Educators meets quarterly through the academic year.

Hosted by Wil Rogan and Jeff Giles.

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Racial enmity has been the source of great pain and division. As a result, race is treated as a problem to be solved, or else a matter to be avoided. But perhaps racial difference is an opportunity for our formation as disciples of Jesus Christ (repentance) and our witness that "Christ is the peace between us” (reconciliation).

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“It is not good that the man should be alone,” God says of Adam in Eden (Gen 2:8). Loneliness is the first thing about creation that God declares not to be good. Perhaps the most dreadful human experience, loneliness may also be a gift—insofar as it creates in us longing for something outside ourselves, or better, longing for someone—a desire for friendship, both human and divine.