Life Groups

Our spring Life Groups are in currently in session.

Check back for our summer Life Groups soon!

Additional Life Groups offered this Spring

To join, simply click on the group title to send an email to its leader.

Fairy Godmothers (Women Only)

Fairy Godmothers meet the second Thursday of every month to connect and share life together. They believe in the importance of both celebrating the good times and lamenting the hard times in community with one another, and invite you to join them for a monthly potluck.

Marsha Dobler | Second Thursday of each month | 12-3PM | Cypress


Have you ever been frustrated with household plumbing or electrical problems? Clogged drains, leaky faucets, running toilets, lights or outlets not working? Join my group to have a hands-on learning experience to help increase your confidence in handling some of these common issues in your home.

Dan Dobler | Saturdays | Cypress