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Life Groups


One of the ways we grow closer to one another and to Jesus is through Life Groups, which meet throughout the week. If you have an idea for starting (or renewing) a group for fall 2017, we'd love to hear from you - even if this is your first time, or you're not quite sure if what you have in mind will work!

Email Alex with any questions you may have or simply sign up here.


What are Life Groups?

Life Groups are small, seasonal gatherings around a common theme or activity. They're led by people just like you, and they take place in houses, apartments, restaurants, coffee shops, parks across the city, on Grace’s campus, and beyond. In them, you have the opportunity to know and be known by people of all kinds who share the Grace community in common. You come as yourself, and you meet others as they are.

Life Groups are about sharing life with one another. And that can be as simple as starting a conversation, showing up, or asking a few questions. Because it's not a matter of doing something spectacular. It's about being present in the simple things—letting the life of Jesus shape us in our recreation and our routine.  If you have any questions please email Alex Absalom at aabsalom@gracelb.org

Click on the title of the group to register. Simply reply, “I’d like to join your Life Group!” and the leader of the group will take it from there.